What is the great scheme?

It's a game you can play by paying $2. By playing the game you acquire points. The more points you have the higher your ranking is! Why is this important? Remember those 2,00 usd you payed to play this game well this is put in to a frozen bank account for a while.
until 1st of august 2020 and the higher your ranking the more you will get back after a month!


The payouts are based on a pyramid yes exactly like the pyramid schemes you see in scams! But this is not really a scam since anyone can be on top of the pyramid! Just be aware that half of the people who play this will not win! The other half will earn some money!

May the best of you win! You have 50% “chance” of winning!

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*You can double your points by inviting friends, send them this url: LOG IN TO VIEW CODE
** It can take a few moments for your official highscore to update

Current highscores

# Score Profit
1 13121 $1024
2 12912 $512
3 10531 $512
4 8398 $256
5 5136 $256

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us on info@thepyramidscheme.com